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India's Premier Protection Service.

Guarding Service Provider

Security Guards assigned to any facility would have undergone a background screening process can demonstrate a basic skill in reading, writing and speaking the English language and vernacular and would have successfully passed a series of job related tests. Deployment of local personnel is avoided in sophisticated sites and dedicated strength will be provided. Client relation Program with a view to have a realistic feed back on our performance as frequently as possible

Frequent checks of our guards round the clock for their alertness

Security Escort Service

A security escort is an officer who is trained to ensure the security of a Clients after Working hours, meeting etc. The officers provided by Force10 Protection Service are trained to create a personality of a well trained Escort Security Guard. The escort security guards provided by the company are usually trained with some kind of defensive arts or general fitness training to be able to protect the personnel they are assigned to secure

We value your safety

With an security escort you can be rest assured that:

Your life’s safety from any sort of threat sensed by the guard or yourself.

Vigilant security is provided even if it is late at night.

You get protection even when you want security from Office to home.

Why we're so good at what we do

We've achieved Industry and National level recognition for our focus on the quality of people we hire and the quality of service we provide

ISO Certified

PSARA Certified

NSDC Affiliated

Authorised trainer of the Indian Security Sec.

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